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See what others are saying about our Custom amps, restorations and repairs. 
"I just got back from the maiden voyage of the Banshee. I think it's perfect. It really makes the guitars come alive. It sounds totally unlike my other amps."

"Phil, thanks so much for your excellent work on my '76 Fender Bassman 100 head, it sounds awesome! I was originally planning to fix the amp up in order to sell it, but I can't sell it now!!!!"

"Since I can remember, I've always found something grainy and gritty in the sound of Fender guitars matched up with Marshall amps. Loved it. Never really considered anything else. Phil's little Club 210 changed my mind at a time when I'm less inclined to lug around bulky cabinets. The grit is there, the grain is there - hell, the thing even rings like a church bell with a clarity that doesn't clang or clunk, and the 10s do justice with humbuckings, too. It's an astounding little amp. Versatile. Ballsy. Not sure if I'm more fond of the workmanship or the workman - the personal service and attention to detail that comes out of this little shop is likewise astounding. We're talking about a builder that's willing to swap out a component or fine-tune a schematic to dial the sound in precisely the way you want it."

"Thanks Phil for the fantastic work you did on my B-52 AT-100 it sounds amazing!!! I never knew how good it could sound."

"Hi Phil, I love my GA20! It has the sound I've been looking for and it looks Great! Thanks again for all your hard work. ​​"